Viernes , 16 noviembre 2018

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Guapas Argentinas

photo: Gnetwork360

Algunos de las “Guapas” convocadas para la producción fotográfica realizada por GNETWORK360 para ilustración de la Guía Argentina LGBT de promoción turística internacional. Leer Más »

Marketing and the LGBT community

ph: Summers

When will it be normal to have gay couples in campaigns? by Simon White: chief strategy officer at Inferno+Draftfcb Brands are being pulled up on their attitude towards the LGBT community constantly, but recently it has come to a head. As a marketer, where do your responsibilities to society lie? As a marketer do you have any responsibility beyond the sales ... Leer Más »

Romantic Pictures Of Gay Couples Around The Globe

ph: Braden Summers

Romantic Pictures Of Gay Couples Around The Globe Challenge Public Representation Of LGBT Community New York-based photographer and visual artist Braden Summers travelled around the globe to create a beautiful photo series representing romantic scenes exclusively with gay couples. The photographs in the Kickstarter-funded “All Love Is Equal” project show a non-stereotypical representation of gay couples in iconic romantic scenes ... Leer Más »

Gnetwork360 2018 :: Buenos Aires Argentina