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Gnetwork360, 9na Conferencia Internacional de Negocios y Turismo LGBT, evento de referencia en América Latina actualiza su APP gratuita para potenciar y facilitar las redes de contactos entre sus mas de 1500 asistentes de 15 países, que se darán cita en Buenos Aires, a principios de Agosto. Una buena manera de potenciar los vínculos, el contacto directo con los conferencistas …

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The Business of Coming Out at Work

Former BP CEO John Browne argues that self-disclosure is the right course for LGBT employees in The Glass Closet.  (The Glass Closet: Why Coming Out Is Good Business, by John Browne, Harper Business, 2014) In The Glass Closet, former BP CEO John Browne reflects deeply on the toll that concealing his sexuality took on his life and career. His painfully …

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Understanding LGBT Travelers: Insights Into a Hot Market Segment

by Judy Jacobs   para TravelMarket Report The LGBT travel market is strong and growing stronger. Demographic changes, marriage equality and a wider acceptance of gays and lesbians all add up to increased opportunities for travel agents and suppliers.   “When we looked at all the studies combined, 5% of the U.S. population self-identifies as being gay or lesbian – …

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