269 CHILLY PEPPER: The New Hot Spot in São Paulo

Although Rio de Janeiro is the first destination that comes to mind when you think about Brazil, it is in São Paulo that gay tourists find the biggest GLBT scene and community of the country.

The city offers hundreds of GLBT attractions including famous night clubs where the best DJs of the world play constantly, high quality restaurants and the trendiest gay bars of Brazil. But an interesting movement has been calling the attention: the 269 Chilli Pepper Single Hotel and Sauna. A Hot Spot for those living or visiting São Paulo.

Título da pautaIn a short time since it was opened, the 269 Chilli Pepper has got the title of the biggest and the best hotel for single men in Latin America. Created by businessman Douglas Drumond, the enterprise has 2,3 thousand square meters and it is located at Largo do Arouche, downtown of the city. To keep it always full and diverse, Douglas applies his usual creativity to promote different events during the week like the Happy Hour for Businessmen on Mondays, Bear’s Party on Tuesdays, Red Hair Wednesday and etc.

This year, recognizing the potential and efforts of the house in offer the best to its guests, the top luxury French brand Louis Vuitton has included 269 Chilli Pepper in the new edition of its tour guides. The Tour Guide of Louis Vuitton offers tips for those who want to know the 15 hottest destinations in the world.

269 Chilli Pepper offers 5 suites, 124 single rooms at its three floors, as well as 369 lockers for local visitors. Showers and jacuzzis working with filtered water, two ofuros, a winter swimming pool with waterfall, and a summer pool, ionized with sand filter.  There is also a 60 square meters steam room and cooled indoor pool (with filtered water) and a dry sauna designed with ergonomic benches. Chilli also counts on a L-shaped lounge bar with seven square meters, furnished by acclaimed designer Philippe Starck, where several drinks and snacks are served. The second floor houses Mini Cine Cabaret, with a special selection of gay-themed movies. This is the hotel’s sexiest floor, where glory alleys, «Love Corner» lounge and «Surprise Surprise» space are located.

Still at the first floor, the hotel has a charming boutique which offers products by sex shop Alizée, books, E.S Collection speedos and shorts, in addition to exclusive clothes from 269 brand, designed by stylist Rafael Vicente. Besides that, Chilli Pepper’s first floor gains party atmosphere with setlist signed by top DJ Anderson Noise. Sporadically parties take place, and encounters among different tribes happen daily.  Single rooms have soft siliconized-fiber pillows, which guarantees guests a wonderful night sleep, in case you want to.

Piscina 2 At 269 Chilli Pepper, single men can definitely find what they look for, at any time and with confort, safety and hygiene. All areas have been developed for the better service to goers, ensuring intense moments of rest and leisure.

269 Chilli Pepper Single Hotel :: Largo do Arouche, 610 (Corner with Jaguaribe Street) Santa Cecília – São Paulo/SP
Open: 24h
Phone: +55 (11) 3331-3336
Website : hotelchillipepper.com.br
Facebook: facebook.com/hotelchillipepper
Twiter: twitter.com/ChilliPHotel


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